Fair Usage Policy (FUP)

Fair Usage Policy (FUP)

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This Fair Usage Policy document is an integral part of your Hosting Agreement with BuyURL.net. If you engage in any of the activities restricted by this FUP document BuyURL.net may restrict your service without notice.

BuyURL.net’s Fair Use Policy (the “Policy”) for BuyURL.net is designed to help ensure fair availability of resources to all customers The Policy is a list of the uses restricted by BuyURL.net except with BuyURL.net’s explicit written consent. Consent may be granted or withheld at BuyURL.net’s sole discretion.

Restricted Uses of BuyURL.net Systems and Services:

– Operating a ‘Content Delivery Network’
– Providing ‘Streaming Media Services’
Restricted bandwidth provided with the Service is provided for normal, fair, and reasonable use and must not exceed 20TB per month. Bandwidth usage is to be reasonably consistent throughout every month, without irregular bandwidth usage patterns, either individually or as part of a group of Customer servers. The Customer undertakes throughout the term not to share, resell, loan or loan to assign the bandwidth in any way without the explicit written consent of BuyURL.net.

Fair Customer Responsibility for Customer’s Users

Each BuyURL.net customer is responsible for the activities of its users and, by accepting service from BuyURL.net, is agreeing to ensure that its customers/representatives or end-users abide by this Policy.

If violations ofBuyURL.net’s Fair Usage Policy occur (atBuyURL.net’s sole discretion), BuyURL.net reserves the right to limit or restrict bandwidth usage without notification.

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